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On this page are more test videos. They are filmed with the Vision action camera using the default exposure and white balance settings (except a couple of scenes in Spain). This action camera can be used as for general purpose camcorder, as well as for action sports. The test videos aim to show how the camera works for general purpose photography in some real world environments.

1. Heavy Horse Show at Shoreham, Kent, England.

Heavy Horse Show at Shoreham - Action Camera Test Videos from Motion Pro on Vimeo.

Non-Action Application

A trip to the Heavy Horse and Rural Crafts show at Shoreham, Kent provided an opportunity to test the camcorder. It was a cloudy day, and the default exposure is working well. Pointing it against the bright sky there is still good enough shadow details, and the picture does not become dark like with many models. The high sensitivity and dynamic range of the Sony Exmor R sensor is working well in the cloudy English countryside. With the neutral colours of the default "automatic" white balance setting, the bright colours in these scenes appear life like and saturated. The narrower lens angle compared to a GoPro makes it possible to film the horses in the arena from outside, without them becoming too small and distant.

2. Travels in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Travels in the Spanish Pyrenees- Vision Sample Films from MotionPro on Vimeo.

Test in the Mountain Environment

I didn't have space to pack an SLR camera in my hand luggage for this trip, so I took the Vision instead. You can see how the lens angle works in the mountain environment. At the ski resort the slopes and mountains in the background look steeper and closer than with a fisheye lens. It is still wide enough to capture the action on the slopes and for ski/snowboard helmet camera. I used the 2.7k setting to film, and down sampled to lower resolution later on. There were some situations where I wanted a narrower angle lens to zoom in on scenes, but this is to be expected when using an action camera.

3. Traditional Dancing in Valencia.

Dancing in Valencia- Non-Action Movie from MotionPro on Vimeo.

Sunny White Balance

I happened to be walking through the square at just the right time to capture these traditional dancers. For this scene I changed the white balance setting from "Auto" to "Sunny". I wanted to preserve the warm tones from the sunlight that was filtering past the edge of the Cathedral. The "Auto" setting works great for most applications, but sometimes you want to preserve the natural colour of the light. It is then best to override the "Auto" setting.

We have a Night Time Film that shows the excellent low light performance of the Sony Exmor R imaging sensor.

See also our Time Lapse Video that shows the camcorder's output using its built in time lapse mode.

We have a
Lens Change Modification Video that shows the test footage from our modified helmetcam.

New Barcelona Hop On Bus Tour Video with onboard footage from a Barcelona open top bus tour.

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