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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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We offer one camera model - the Vision. This is an all-purpose camera suitable for both action and non-action use. It differs from other action cameras on the market in that it has a narrower lens angle, compared to the super wide angle fisheye lens used by most other sports cam companies. This makes it just as suitable for filming people and scenery as it is for pure action use.

Most action cameras use a 170º fisheye lens to capture peripheral vision and action close to the camera. Whilst this is good for pure action use, for a general purpose camera we prefer a narrower lens. There is less curvature distortion at the edges of the image, and you can focus more on subjects in front of the camera for people, travel and general purpose photography. For example if you are mountain biking you often want to stop and film your friends riding from the side of the trail. With this lens you get more normal looking footage, as well as a decent first person helmet camera view. It s particularly good for chase footage for mountain biking and snow sports, and aerial photos using drones.

The idea for this product came about from modifying a conventional model to fit a different lens. You see test footage from our modified action camera & lens here.


4k video at 30fps (interpolated), 2.7k at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps, 720P at 120fps
120 degree FOV wide angle lens
8 Megapixel Sony™ sensor
2" LCD screen
WiFi remote control and many features

Imaging Sensor

The sports camcorder uses a Sony IMX179 imaging sensor. Sony's third generation Exmor R™ back illuminated sensor realises higher picture quality and nearly twofold sensitivity over earlier sensors. The colour balance and exposure work well with the out of the box settings. The sensor is used in many smart phones and tablets, and is known as one of the best in its class. It produces video with high bitrate, and has a 60 frames per second mode at 1080P for smooth slow motion effects.

You may view sample films and photos to check the quality before you buy the camera.

Lens Angle

The Vision has a 120 degree FOV wide angle lens, which gives around 100 degree horizontal field of view. This is narrower than the more common 170 degree FOV fisheye lens found in most other actioncams on the market (eg GoPro, SJCam, Eken, Xaiomi, Campark™ etc). It reflects our own personal preference. Here are the reasons why we use this lens:
  • It is equivalent to around 15mm lens in 35mm film photography. This is already wide angle, and wider than the common 28mm lens found in most film SLRs at their widest setting.
  • The fisheye 170 degree lens causes distortion to the edges of the picture, where straight lines become curved. The narrower lens removes much of this distortion. This may not be important for pure sports use, but for general purpose filming and photos we prefer a more linear appearance.
  • The all-around sports camcorder is used for filming people and scenery as much as pure action.
  • With fisheye lenses steep slopes are distorted making them look flatter than in real life. For example if you are skiing and there are mountains in the background it's important that the slopes look steep. A narrower lens preserves the steepness of slopes and terrain features, so when you get home the footage looks similar to what you remember.
  • For mountain biking where you are following another rider down a trail, you want to see more of the rider in front of you. The sides of the trail and immediate foreground are less important. A narrower lens concentrates on the area of interest in front of the rider, whilst maintaining size and steepness of the trail features.
  • For drones and aerial photography where the drone cam is a long way from the ground a more zoomed in view is preferable for many people. It reduces the distorted curvature of the horizon to give a more natural view.
Lens angle is a personal preference. The Vision uses a narrower lens, making it an all-purpose camcorder suitable for both action and non-action use.

LCD Screen

There is a colourful, bright LCD screen across the back. This is your viewfinder and lets you preview the image. You can also playback images and check they have come out well whilst still on location. It gives you access to the menu system for using the features of the model. The screen automatically switches off when recording to save battery life.

Many Features

There are many features that you may not use often, but can be useful for some applications. These are:
  • Easy access slow motion mode.

  • Timelapse video.

  • Burst mode photos up to 10 per second.

  • Continuous photo shooting.

  • Loop recording.

  • Image rotation.

  • Exposure compensation.

  • White balance settings.

  • Replaceable battery.
WiFi Remote Control

Included with the helmet cam is a WiFi remote control. This is convenient for controlling the headcam when it is mounted to your helmet, or anywhere else where you cannot reach it easily. It has two buttons, one to start and stop recording and the other to take a photo. You can strap the remote control to your handlebar or wrist using the velcro straps included in the kit.

You can also control the camcorder and view the video remotely with an Android smartphone or tablet using the WiFi mode. This is useful if it is mounted to a drone, or somewhere inaccessible and you want to preview the picture to check the image angle.

Mounts and Accessories

The kit includes many mounts and accessories for a wide range of applications. The waterproof case comes with two backs - one is waterproof and the other has openings to let the sound inside. The waterproof case is compatible with the GoPro™ mounting system. Many other mounts and accessories are available if we do not include the one you need. See the full list of included sports cam accessories here. It also comes with protective lens caps for the body and waterproof case as standard.

Please note the camera is not compatible with Apple Mac computers or Apple iPhones and iPads via USB (connects to Windows computer only). It connects to Android devices via WiFi using the XDV app.

The price is 19.99 total with free UK delivery.

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Detailed Specification  
Waterproof Depth 30 meters
CMOS Sensor SONY IMX179 (8 megapixel native resolution)
Field Of View angle ~120º diagonal, 100º horizontal
Focus 0.4cm-Unlimited
Output Micro USB, Mini HDMI.
Storage TF Supported (Up to 64GB)
LCD Screen 2' LTPS LCD
Battery Polymer 900mAh
Life-span <90mins
Dimensions 56.8*52.8*26.8 mm
Remote Control Wifi Remote
Video Output 4K 30fps(Interpolated)
2.7k 30fps
1920*1080 60/30fps(support Slow Motion)
1280*720 120fps/60fps/30fps(support Slow Motion)
Video Format MP4
Video Recording Mode Loop recording
Effective Pixels 16M/12M/8M/5M/2M (Modes above 8M are interpolated.)
Image Format JPEG
Audio WAV
Burst 3, 5 and 10 photos per second
Playback Support
Shooting Mode Single Shot / Self-timer / Continuous Shooting
Time lapse 0.5,1, 2, 5, 10, 30 seconds
Data Stamp Auto
White Balance Auto
EV Compensation +-3.0 stops
Shutter Control Electronic
PC Webcam Support
Rotate 180° Support
Operation system Windows98/me/XP/vista/7/Linux
OSD language English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese Dutch, Hungarian, Polish (optional)
Please note: The actioncam is supplied in generic packaging. The information written on the packaging may be different to the actual specification. The specification is subject to change without notice.
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