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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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Action Camera Common Uses4k hd sports cam gopro 1080p

You probably already have a good quality digital camera for photos. Why would you want another camera? This page aims to answer that question.

Walking /Hiking

Sometimes you do not want to carry a larger conventional camera and have to stop moving to take it out of its case or bag. An action camera slips in your pocket so you do not notice you are carrying it. It is quicker to take photos as you do not need to worry about focussing or setting the zoom lens. Simply point and shoot and be on your way again. For serious photography it is no substitute for a normal camera, but you will often find that when you are carrying an action camera you get many photos that you would have otherwise missed.

Travelling /Holidays

When going away on an adventurous trip you may find you have more important priorities than packing a bulky camera. For example you may be flying with only hand luggage and have run out of space. Perhaps you have other sports equipment and want a simple, small action camera that you can throw in at the last minute. In some countries carrying an expensive model is a liability and makes you more prone to pickpockets and thieves. With a simple action camera you can relax and be off your guard without missing good photo opportunities.

Ideal to take on your summer holiday, spending time relaxing at the beach, swimming pool or waterpark with family or friends. With the waterproof case you can get many interesting shots.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

The sport of cycling transports you for many miles through scenic countryside, but with faster speeds than walking and your head down for much of the time it is easy to forget the wonderful surroundings. With an hd sports cam mounted to your helmet or handlebar you can return from your ride with photos and videos of both the scenery and your fellow cyclists. When going on a cycling holiday to another country or region it is great to have a record of the places that you passed through. Looking back at the images later on brings back all the memories that may otherwise be forgotten.

For Mountain Biking and BMX you can take photos and videos of the riding, and make creative films of you and your friends. The high frame rate mode enables smooth slow-motion effects. Many mounting options are available such as chest mounts, as well as accessories like gimbal stabilisers. You can chase your friends down your favourite trail, or stop at jumps and corners and film them going past.


The waterproof case has a high quality glass lens and the camcorder is ideal for many watersports, including surfing, kite surfing, sailing and canoeing. You can return from your activity with photos and videos as well as your own memories of what you did. It is good for showing your sport to family members and friends who otherwise may not really know what you get up to on the water. Maybe share them with the other people from your club or group who were also on the water that day.

The actioncam can be used for snorkelling and diving as the waterproof case is rated for 30m depth. Various mounts and accessories are available, including a special face mask to carry the hd sports cam and red filters to remove the blue colour of the water from your shots.

Skiing and Snowboarding

The beautiful mountain slopes and pine forests covered in snow provide an ideal photogenic environment for your films and photos. An hd helmet cam is a great addition to any winter sports holiday. Capture the fun of your friends gliding quickly through the mountains and come back with great memories to share. You can mount the video camcorder to your helmet or wear it on your chest. The waterproof case protects the head cam if you drop the it in the snow or run over it with your skis!

Drones and Radio Control Models

The small, lightweight body makes it ideal for mounting to a drone. This can be used for creative aerial film making and photography, and also serious surveillance and surveying applications. Our Vision model has a special lens that gives a slightly narrower angle than other Gopro models. This gives a more zoomed in view that is ideal for aerial filming. The drone camcorder can also be mounted to other RC models such as helicopters, boats and planes.

Gliding and Aviation

The WiFi remote control lets the pilot control the camera without diverting attention from the aircraft's controls. It can be mounted with many interesting views of the plane, for unique aerial video footage and photos. The case protects the camera from the elements and anything else in the sky that might damage the lens. Ideal for training pilots to record their expreriences.

Many Other Applications

There are many uses of the digital camcorder for all sorts of hobbies and activities. These range from fun things like mounting to a skateboard, to serious professional applications like surveying and security. Challenge yourself to come up with creative uses of the sports cam that nobody has tried before.

You can't buy happiness but you can buy an action camera, which definitely helps, especially when it doesn't cost the earth!
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