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Hiking Trekking PhotographyDagana and Lawagu Pass Wilderness Trek in Bhutanhimalaya mountain walking video camera

The Bhutan trekking was organised by The Mountain Company. They used our Vision action camera for photography, as well as another camera to make their company video for this Himilayan trek. Here is their hiking video, showing the fantastic mountain scenery in the Dagana and Lawagu Pass region of the Himalayas in Bhutan. Along the way there are many excellent opportunities for mountain photography.

The Vision action camera is particularly well suited to this application, as this is general purpose photography and not sports action footage. The 120 degree lens is wider than the other camera they are using. This makes it possible to film the scenes of crossing the bridges, and walking on the trails from the first person perspective. It's light enough to carry in addition to the main camcorder they use on their treks.

The Vision action camcorder was also used to film videos for two more of their trips. You can see these videos here:

Everest Trekking Photography at Pikey Peak in Nepal

Haa Valley Pilgrim hiking video in the Bhutan Himalayas

If you are interested in this holiday, or other walking trips organised by The Mountain Company you may find more information on their website here.

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