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Night Camera for Low Light Photography best action sports gopro

The Motion Pro Vision is an ideal action camera for night time and low light photography. The Sony Exmor R™ imaging sensor has better sensitivity than earlier sensors, and they are known as some of the best in the business for this application. It achieves it using a back-lighting technology, so that the non light sensitive electronics that are normally illuminated are moved to the reverse side of the silicon chip. This was a game changer for Sony CMOS sensors, allowing them to truly compete with their CCDs in almost any vision application. You can read more about the technical specifications on Framos and Wikipedia.

What this means for the sports camera is that it continues working well in low light conditions and at night, with acceptable noise levels in most common situations. You can use it to video mountain bike night rides or other sports by night, or in wet weather and on gloomy winter days. It also makes it more useful a a general purpose camera, for taking photos of your friends when you go out in the evening or with indoor lighting when you would normally need a flash.

Our night time test video aims to show you the camera working in the dark, so that you can judge the low light performance for yourself. It shows a drive through the towns of Westerham and Sevenoaks in West Kent, England at Christmas 2017. The Christmas lights provide suitable subjects with a range of colours and brightness levels. The white balance is in "auto" mode and this is coping fine with the range of colours and lighting.

Driving at Christmas- Night Camera Low Light Test Video from MotionPro on Vimeo.

You can also view test videos in daylight conditions and sample photos using the links below. The Vision actioncam is designed as a general purpose model suitable for many photographic applications. Most outdoor sports enthusiasts also use their camcorders in non-action situations, such as videoing their friends having fun or scenery they encounter on location. The narrowerer lens angle (FOV) of the Vision works well for these scenes with less curvature distortion than other popular models using fisheye lenses. It also gives good results for pure action applications mounted to your helmet or chest.

See also our Time Lapse Video that shows the camcorder's output using its built in time lapse mode.

We have a
Lens Change Modification Video that shows the test footage from our modified helmetcam.

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