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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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As users of action cameras ourselves we know that each model has its own quirks. There are some variations in the video picture between models due to the small imaging sensors used. This page aims to show how our cameras work in real world tests. We hope that by looking at the sample videos you can satisfy yourself that the video quality meets your needs, and make an informed choice. Some sample photos are also included.

Do you like these images and want to record your own outdoor adventures? If so an action camera will be a good investment.

Mountain Biking at Afan, South Wales

For the first real world test I took the camera on a mountain bike trip. This is a demanding action application with fast light to dark transitions and vibrations. The camera is coping well with the fast changes in exposure, moving in and out of trees, pointing the camera at the sky etc. The auto white balance and exposure give good results with the out of the box settings. The image is overall a bit lighter than some other models, picking up more detail in the dark shadow areas of the sample videos. Overall we are delighted with its performance.

Comparison with Sanyo and SJCam

We put our camera head to head with a Sanyo™ compact camcorder. Both models use the same size imaging sensor so it is a fair test. The Sanyo is an older model with decent image quality. We wanted to see how our helmet cam compares with the out of the box settings. You can see that the colours and white balance are similar. The actioncam exposure is a little lighter overall, which brings out the shadow details (good for mountain bike trails!). The dynamic range is a bit higher than the Sanyo, picking up more cloud details in the bright sky whilst maintaining detail in the dark areas.

The SJCam SJ4000™ is a legendary sports cam. Although it is an older generation model, it produces clean and sharp 1080P with excellent colour saturation - not like a toy camcorder at all. So how does our model stack up? Our model has slightly lighter exposure than the SJ4000, which is useful for bringing out shadow details. The colours are more neutral compared to the SJCam's slightly warm tones, with comparable colour saturation. The Vision achieves this with the out of the box settings. With the SJCam you have to change a couple of settings to get similar results. We changed the SJ4000 lens to give a narrower field of view equivalent to around 28mm.

View more Test Videos on Page 2

We have a Night Time Film that shows the excellent low light performance of the Sony Exmor R™ imaging sensor.

See also our
Time Lapse Video that shows the camcorder's output using its built in time lapse mode.

We have a
Lens Change Modification Video that shows the test footage from our modified helmetcam.

New Barcelona Hop On Bus Tour Video with onboard footage from a Barcelona open top bus tour.

New Himalaya Trek videos from The Mountain Company:

Trekking to Pikey Peak in Nepal

Haa Valley Pilgrim Trek in Bhutan

Dagana & Lawagu Pass Wilderness Trek in Bhutan

If you would like to see original files to check the quality, we can send you a CD for the cost of the disc and postage. Send us a message using the contact us page.

Sample Photos

Here are some sample photos, taken with out of the box white balance and exposure settings. You can also view the high resolution 8 megapixel original files.

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