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Seat Post Extender for Roger Black Exercise Bikes (non OEM)gold tall person saddle leg height spin correct proper adjustment adapter

Allows a tall person to pedal with full leg extension

Setting the correct saddle height is important when using an exercise bike. Full leg extension is neccesary for optimum pedal efficiency, and to exercise the legs over their full range of motion. For tall riders over 6ft many types of spin bike have a seat post that does not extend high enough for them to pedal in the proper postion. The manufacturers tend to design their gym equipment for the average size person, and often do not take into account those with long legs. This seat post extender raises the saddle height by 160mm, allowing the tall person to cycle effectively with the seat in the right position. This is neccesary for a proper and enjoyable cycling workout.

Correct saddle height is important for pedalling efficiency

If the saddle height is too low the rider loses pedalling efficiency as the legs do not extend full downwards. Its uncomfortable for the cyclist and it can also cause problems with knee joints if heavy, prolonged use takes place. A good method of setting the saddle height is to sit and place your heel on the centre of the pedal at its lowest point. Adjust the height so that your leg is straight but not stretched with your heel on the pedal. This gives a slight bend to the knee in the normal cycling position with the ball of the foot over the pedal axle. This position is efficient, comfortable and safe on the knees.

A 6ft 3" rider using the extender.

Fits most Roger Black models

The seat extender fits most Roger Black exercise bikes, including the current Roger Black Gold exercise bike model and the previous Platinum, Gold and Silver bikes. They use a triangular plate at the top of the seat post. The extender uses similar plates at top and bottom to attach between the seat post and the saddle. The saddle attaches to the top plate of the extender with its original bolts, in the same way as to the seat post. The part has a durable steel construction and is powder coated in matte black.

Fits many Decathlon DOMYOS models

Some of the Decathlon DOMYOS models use the same plate attachment for the seat. These models have been confirmed as compatible with it. There may be some others in their range that are compatible as well, as we did not see all of them. If you are unsure please contact us.


Simple attachment to the seat post

The saddle extender is supplied with three extra bolts (with nuts and washers) for fastening to the top metal plate. Its easy to install and can be left in place when other people use the exercise bike. The saddle can still be lowered normally and the fore/aft adjustment (if present) works the same way. It has the advantage that it doesn't involve permanent modification to the cycle. Its easy to remove it if the gym equipment is sold or transferred to another person. You can move it to another static cycle if neccesary.

Check compatibility with these dimensions

There are several standards for saddle attachments. This part is designed to fit only the one type of attachment detailed here. Its used on the Roger Black Gold exercise /spin bike as well as some models from other manufacturers. Before ordering the part you must check compatibility with your particular spin cycle model by measuring the spacing of the bolts and comparing to the dimensions below. The slots in the plate do allow some range of movement in case the fitting is slightly out.

Please note the maximum recommended rider weight limit is 110kg.

Purchase the Part

Please check the dimensions are compatible with your model before ordering. The part is supplied with nuts, bolts and washers for fastening to the top metal plate.

The price is 39.99 total with free UK delivery.

Buy It Now!

This is the steel verion but we also made a 3D printed protoype of the tall person's seat post extender

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